Giving business owners the confidence to go after big projects.

Get funded up to $250,000 in 24 Hrs

The perfect blend of human and AI technology.

Smart funding is smart business. You can always expect the warmth of a human interaction when it comes to reviewing and approving your funding. Our consultants are here to discuss your business, income and production needs.

Once approved, our patented one of a kind, AI software calculates the best, safest, and most realistic funding solution for your business. 

No Credit Check

We do not evaluate FICO scores in your application process.

6-Months Active Business

Show 6 (*or more) months of active business checking activity.

Income Based Evaluation

Amount funded based on current and future accounts receivable. 

The funds you need to get the job done.

Funding you need in 24 hours.
No interruption to your business.

Top Reasons To Choose Us.

Not all funding agencies are alike. Based on our understanding on a technical, operations & sales base, we can help forecast the best way to help you get what you need quickly so you can get back to business.

Easy Sign Up

Simple online application completed within minutes.

Fast Funding

Funds automatically deposited into your business account the same day.

Same-Day Decision

Easy and fast so you can focus on running your business.

Designed for You

User-friendly account management software with our online and mobile platforms.

What type of funding suits your needs?

*Application does not guarantee funding. All standard application requirements, documents, and verbal communications terms apply. *Multiple Investment Plan Based on repayment history.

Immediate Funding:
24-36 HRs

Rush App Fee

Small businesses make up over 99% of all firms in the US economy, which means your business matters! That’s why we’re designed to custom fit all industry types and customer-specific needs.

Multiple Investment Plan

3-6 Month Funding Plan

Looking to grow your business over a scheduled growth plan. Larger facility, holiday rush, over-sized order batches, heavy new residual client… All great scenarios, all incredibly difficult on your liquid cash. Schedule out monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual cash infusions to maximize your output during the heavy seasons.

Start-Up Sweet Spot Cafè

Start-Up Programs

Business development tools, resources and connections to vendors and potential audiences. Participate in our on-going discussion and access changes to win Small-Business BIG – Idea Grants. Start-up Business Development specialists are here to hear your ideas as well as make sure you are fully protected.

Business Development

Keep Moving. Cash you need to close contracts.

Don’t slow down now! Your company just landed the biggest deal since this whole crazy Covid Crisis. You can finally start to see a way that you can build back everything that you were afraid of losing. Let C.B. Capital Partners be your business funding solution, TODAY!

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