Funding options to fit your business goals.

Industry & income tailored programs designed to offer great flexibility, fast response time, and a hassle-free application process.

Income-Based Funding

Clarity, not complexity

1:1 Human Approval or Disapproval Process. AI-Integrated Funding Schedule.

Designed to be the most comfortable for your income schedule.

Top 10 Funding Requests

  • Construction and Real estate Projects
  • Retail Transaction & Systems
  • Fleet Repair/Auto Services
  • Restaurant Stock & Equipment
  • Manufacturing & Production Tools
  • Interim-Managerial Positions
  • Accounting & Financial Consulting
  • Expert Staffing
  • Operational Staffing
  • Account Receivables
  • Pending Credit Advancement

What does your business need?

Super-charge your cash reserves today.

Why should you choose us over a traditional bank loan?

What we offer is entirely different from the loan you would receive from a bank. Most traditional loans supplied to businesses from a bank will come with high interest rates, and they can be extremely difficult to qualify for.

When you choose business funding over a traditional bank loan, you are choosing someone who will do their best to go around the challenges to get you the funding you deserve.

Our application process is much more lenient than that of a traditional bank loan; almost 90% of all applications are approved! Our business funding programs do not feature an interest rate but instead have a fixed cost or “factor rate” that will never increase.

Team of Program Coordinators.

Specialized funding to help determine which business funding program would be best for your business.

We are proud to offer programs in all industries in need without requiring a ton of data. Instead, our application is comfortable with minimal support documentation, making it possible for more people to receive help.

Funding designed for impact.

Funding based on need for success.

Closing the contract is only ½ the battle. Talk to one of our consultants for an opportunity to review contracts, analyze income streams and offer suggestions on top professionals to help you get the job done.

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Birds of a feather fund together.

The ups and downs of a business will always be a challenge. It’s a non-stop job to keep up with new technology and the ever-changing needs of your customers. That’s why we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. We want to become life-long partners to help you along your journey to success.

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