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Build Core Strength with Smart Funding

What you need to know:

Get the questions you have answered before the paperwork starts. We are here to assist you M-F 9am-5pm EST.

Daily ACH Withdrawl

Once Guarantor agrees, funds will be direct debited on a daily basis from business checking account. 

Single SIgnature

Funding does not require co-signature. Each agreement is based on checking account activity. 

Smart Funding. Evaluate your needs.

Immediate Funding:
24-36 HRs

Rush App Fee

Small businesses make up over 99% of all firms in the US economy, which means your business matters! That’s why we’re designed to custom fit all industry types and customer-specific needs.

Multiple Investment Plan

3-6-12 Month Funding Plan

Looking to grow your business over a scheduled growth plan. Larger facility, holiday rush, over-sized order batches, heavy new residual client… All great scenarios, all incredibly difficult on your on your liquid cash. Schedule out monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual cash infusions to maximize your output during the heavy seasons.

Start-Up Sweet Spot Cafè

Start-up Capital Programs

Business development tools, resources and connections to vendors and potential audiences. Participate in our on-going discussion and access changes to win Small-Business BIG -Idea Grants. Start-up Business Development specialists are here to hear your ideas as well as make sure you are fully protected.

Cash you need to get the job done.

Simple Funding Process:

  • Determine amount needed.
  • Complete application.
  • 1:1 Conversation
  • Sweet-Spot paperwork
  • Sweet-Spot Final  Funding. 

Business Development

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